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KC Horse Riding and Rescue Centre Show

October 6th, 2011

The morning of the show dawned bright and clear as I loaded up my steeds and set off. In the trailer was a young pony, backed this spring, and an older, but no more experienced mare. We arrived, unloaded and made last minute preparatons. The show had ridden, driven and inhand classes, one to suit every person. Gradually the show ground filled up, and at ten o’ clock the classes comenced. I took my young pony into an inhand class, I thought he behaved very well, and, it was a condition and turnout class, but he was clean, and in good condition, but still came last. I like to believe that it was as the judge said, his mane was not up to standard. This can be explained by the fact that he has a chunk missing because he sticks his head through the fence to eat the alledgedly, tastier and lusher grass on the other side. I dont have a big problem

with that on its own, the problem lies in that half his mane goes as well! So, rather than a red or blue rossete, it was a pink fifth (last!) that I was looking at. Oh well, I thought he was the best to me, the judge had said he had some way to go, but would win lots of thngs in future. I hoped so.
All the other competitors were clean, welll turned out, and successful. My next class was a last minute entry ( five minutes before!) and it was open showing, which I really only entered to fill the places. We came third (last!) and, the judge seemed quite impressed with the sturdy black gypsy cob except it was a showing class, I forgot my hairnet (almost said haynet!!) and my hat cover was the wrong colour and my horse refused to stand still. Other than that, the judge adored us (haha!!!!!)
Then I had lunch, went to the cones course and watched the competitors. There were only three, but all did very well. Then came ridden veteran,then riding championships ( i wasnt in it, l hadnt achieved a high enough placing) Then came my last class, handy pony. My handy pony (?!!) is a horse, she was not very handy, and we only achieved second (to last!) because the last competitor did almost everything wrong. We moved the coat from peg to peg fine. I dropped the duck and I couldnt steer because i forgot my gloves, the reins were greasy and i was holding a whip, at the same time as trying (and failing) to steer and holding a fishing net. I suceeded in picking up the duck without dismounting, but the steward had to come and help me steer!!! i moved flag from container to container fine, just about got over the jump (only just!!!) and then through the bending poles. Then into a square of poles. My mare stood still for five seconds, then pranced about on the spot for the next five!!! we saluted the judge and trotted out of the ring. I struggled to hold the fiery girl while the judges analysed the results, and then I found out i came second (to last!!)
Perhaps not so much on my part, but alltogether the day was a huge success, and the cake stall alone raised £160.00 pounds!!!
The show is held annually, in july, in hereford, near leominster by KC and the hereford and district driving group (hddg). For more details, see their website; http://www.hddg.co.uk/.

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