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Pony owner tries to get on the train with his pony

Pony on platform

A man who is probably extremely fond of his pony seem to have discarded the convention of using horse box and horse traillers to move horses and ponies about when he was seen trying to buy a ticket at Wrexam train station with his grey pony in tow. Picture of the man and his pony captured by CCTV was released by the train station.

Shocked staff watched as the man tried to get on the train at Wrexham General station with the grey pony in tow. Apparently a train conductor refused to let him board the train with his pony, he then return to the ticket booth where he tried to buy two tickets – one for himself and one for his pony.

Arriva Trains Wales (ATW) said horses were not permitted on safety grounds. The RSPCA said it was concerned and was viewing the CCTV tapes.

The man tried to travel on Saturday’s 1902 BST service to Holyhead on Anglesey with his four-legged companion.

The ATW spokeswoman said: “Arriva Trains Wales allows dogs and small animals to travel on board trains.

“All animals, except dogs, must be conveyed within a fully enclosed basket or pet carrier with dimensions not exceeding 85 x 60 x 60cm.

The man has also been reported to have been seen with the pony at accident and emergency of a hospital and at a pub.

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