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Fox Hunting Ban Overturned Unlikely – No Support from New Conservative MPs

October 30th, 2010

Fox Hunting Picture  by Owain Davis
Any hope of the promise by the Conservative party to overturn the controversial foxhunting ban legislation passed by the Labour government in 2002 appears to be fading. According to animal right campaigners, if a legislation to overturn the foxhunting ban in presented to the house of commons in this parliament, it is unlikely to get the required majority. It was said that at least 20 MP (and probably more) from the new crop of conservative MPs recently elected to the house common will not support a repeal of the law.

During the debate of the hunting foxes with hound bill of 2002, almost half a million people marched from countryside allover UK to Westminster to register their protest against the bill. Though the bill eventually became law in 2004 but not until over 600 hours of parliamentary time was spend on debating it.

Hunting is a uniquely countryside sport and and industry that keeps thousands of rural dweller in jobs.

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