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Top 10 horse riding beauties

December 17th, 2010

Horse riding is one of the most popular sports nowadays in the UK with lots of competitive folks, fantastic horses and why not, some beauty ladies riding through first places in different competitions.

With these being said, we at Horse Lovers Dating thought about creating a Top 10 Horse Riding Beauties, ladies that not only look gorgeous but also have great results in horse riding competitions, whether we are talking about UK or worldwide challenges. Here they are below:

10.  Ellen Whitaker

Born in 1986, our first horse riding beauty has 12 horses and a great “portfolio” behind: winner of Horse of the year show in 2009, Show Jumper of the 2009 show, three times Horse of the Year Show Speed stakes winner, member of the European Bronze Medal Winning Team in 2007 and many others. A beauty, talented horse rider indeed.

9.  Ana Edwards

. This beautiful lady won the Old Lodge Queen Elizabeth II Cup and it seems she has more to prove in the future, coming on no.9 Anna Edwards.

8.  Carian Scudamore

This 16-year-old horse rider is from Cardigan, Dyfed. Winner of Team Gold at the first Youth Olympic Games Equestrian Competition in Singapore. Also, she is an UK’s representative in the European team.

7.  Vicky Tulloch

Vicky comes from Darlington, County Durham and she is the winner of Grand Prix at CSI2* Mullingar in Ireland this year. Congratulations Vicky, you look fantastic!

6. Louise Pavitt

With her Unbelievable Darco horse she makes a great team, she demonstrated this on Old Lodge Queen Elizabeth II Cup in 2008 and she surely has more challenges ahead.

5. Yazmin Pinchen

Yazmin is just gorgeous ! At 17 years she already hopes competing in the Olympics, well, we wish her the best of luck !

4 Gemma Paternoster

One of the top UK’s horse rider at international competitions. Winner of Young Rider European in 2006 and winner in 2010 as part of British Nations Cup Team in Austria, Gemma well-deserves the 4th place in our top.

3 Charlotte Platt

Breaking top 3, here comes the Equestrian Show Jumper Charlotte Platt from the British Olympic Team. Way to go Charlotte !

2 and 1. Laura Renwick and Georgie Strutton

This was the most difficult part of our top while these two gorgeous ladies both look fantastic. We placed them both on 2nd and 1st place, we will let you decide which one should be our Horse Riding Beauties Champion. Laura is 33-year-old, ranking on 12 in the UK while Georgie is the gold medalist at European Young Rider Team. Congratulations on your achievements and looks ladies !

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