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‘Tis The Season To Be Dating!

December 6th, 2010

'Tis The Season To Be Dating!
As the holidays approach and the temperature starts to drop we can’t help but feel all romantic and gooey inside. Winter fills our heads with thoughts of log fires, snuggling close and sharing mugs of mulled wine. Here at Horse Lovers Dating it’s also got us thinking about all of the dating possibilities over the festive period. So we’ve put together a few outdoorsy date ideas to help you and your country partner along the way. Have a jolly one!

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

This Christmas, escape the country side for a day and head down to the city, as by now most Christmas Markets will be in full swing. From Nottingham’s Winter Wonderland, to the Eden Project in Cornwall and The Christmas Adventure in Lincoln, you’ll find them in most large towns and cities across the UK. They have so much to offer that you and your date will be spoilt for choice.

Take a stroll around the traditional markets together, marvel the brightly coloured Christmas lights, and join in with a bit of carol singing. Round off your day by visiting the food stalls where you will be enticed by the sound of sizzling bratwurst sausages and the festive aroma of warm mulled wine. The perfect end to the perfect date.
Dancing on Ice

At this time of year it’s only right that you go ice skating at least once and when better to do that than on a date? With so many Ice rinks popping up across the country there really is no excuse not to. Plus, ice skating provides the perfect romantic backdrop to any date.

Can’t skate? Well don’t worry about that. You and your partner will laugh your heads off as you try to make it round the ice in one piece and it will give you the perfect excuse to get that little bit closer. Who knows, there may even be some mistletoe hanging about.
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Who said playing in the snow was just for kids? With reports of the heaviest snow fall since… well a long time, you have the perfect excuse to grab your date and go and have fun in the snowy countryside. Not only is it festive and fun, but it’s also free. Make a snowman, have a snowball fight, find a hill to go sledging down, make snow angles, the possibilities are endless.

Just make sure you wrap up in your woollies, we’re talking hats, scarves, gloves, coats and extra thick socks, to stay warm. Afterwards, thaw out over a creamy cup of hot chocolate loaded with marshmallows and some mince pies. Heaven!

If all else fails why not just get out in the country and enjoy the fresh, crisp air on a romantic walk. There’s always the possibility that you’ll find a cosy country pub to hide away in, while the snow falls outside.

So why not log into your account today to find your perfect partner for festive fun!

All the best,

The Horse Lovers Dating Team.

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