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What do you want this Valentine’s Day?

February 4th, 2011

Valentine’s Day is probably one of the most expected days by couples, it’s a day when they can share their love with their partners and show how much they care one about each other. A recent survey from Horse Lovers Dating revealed some interesting facts about dating and how Valentine’s Day will be different when compared to other usual days, and here are the results below:

49% of you are expecting to be on a date this Valentine’s Day compared to 32% who will be actively looking online.

37% chose PROFILE DESCRIPTION as the most important factor when deciding whether they should contact someone. Closely followed by someone’s LOCATION at 30%.

Half of you will send a MESSAGE for the first time this year compared to 38% of you who’ll opt for a cheeky WINK 😉

52% of you prefer receiving a short personal MESSAGE from someone online whereas 14% will be happy with a WINK.

A WHOPPING 79% are looking for a serious relationship or a partner this year. 21% of you on the other hand are keeping it casual for 2011.

As for you, what do you want this Valentine’s Day?

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