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Find a Date in Herefordshire

April 23rd, 2010

Find a date in Herefordshire

Find a date in the county of Herefordshire

Outside its immediate surroundings and outside the animal husbandry circle (because of the world famous Hereford bull) its is amazing how little is know of the English county of Herefordshire. Even the supposedly all knowing Google is not aware of the existence of Herefordshire; if you type “Herefordshire” as a keyword into Google search, it unhelpfully suggest that “perhaps you mean to type Hertfordshire”. Most Herefordians are extremely pleased about the relative obscurity of their county which is one of the most charming things about it because this means only discerning traveller apart from people of Herefordshire itself gets to experience this lovely county.

Herefordshire is said to be the most rural county in England, it will come as no surprise that it is the home of some of the loveliest flora and fauna you can find in England, the county is covered in some of the most beautiful daffodils, bluebell, snowdrops, roses and all the lovely flowers England boast of. Herefordshire is also one of the best places to find a prefect English rose, not talking of the floral variety but beautiful English ladies. (And some Welsh ladies too giving the fact that Herefordsire borders Wales, there is a strong Welsh community).

To meet some of the gorgeous ladies in the county of Herefordshire, all you need to do is register to join horse lovers dating free of charge. You can browse or search for ladies from the city of Hereford, the town of Leominster, Ross-On-Wye or any of the other towns and villages in Herefordshire. To make it even easier for you to find your Herefordian date, we list most of the towns and villages on the county below:

Town and villages of Herefordshire

Bishops Frome
Sollers Dilwyn
Symonds Yat

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