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Find a date in the county of Nottinghamshire

Online dating in the county of Nottinghamshire

With a population of just over one million, Nottinghamshire – or Notts for short – is a beautiful county in East Midlands. If you don’t know where it is, looking for it on a map will not be enough: you really have to visit it for at least a week. And if you do that, why not search for your half in the county where Robin Hood once fought for the good of the people!

What better place to meet someone than the legendary Sherwood Forests where Robin Hood and Lady Marian’s love story is still inspiring lovers all over the world. Whether you live in Notts or simply visiting the sights, the Nottingham Castle is sure to bring to the surface your passionate side. And if you want to offer you date the moon in the sky, you can season it with stars at the Sherwood Observatory.

Of course, there are a lot of clubs and pubs for you to meet someone all over the county, but why not go on a first date and admire nature? Imagine having a romantic walk through Clumber Park, while your path is decorated by lime trees. You can have a perfect intimate moment with your date without having the waiter interrupt you as you are making a move. Hold your date’s hand while admiring the magnificent lake within the park. As the park stretches for 3,800 acres, you are bound to have a wet and passionate night under a tree… if the rain catches you, of course.

But if you have children and can’t bear living them with someone else, you can bring them along on your date if you go in the Rushcliffe Country Park. Besides the beautiful sights, you can take your children to the play areas, watching them as you flirt with your date. For those of you who have difficult teenagers, there is even a skateboard ramp to ensure they will not bother you.

Besides the legend of Robin Hood, Nottinghamshire is famous for lace making. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that there is something elegant and pure about a woman making lace… and it’s not just the outcome itself. As for the men… I think that a list of lords and dukes will give you an idea on their noble origin. You can search for you half in the city of Nottingham, Mansfield or even in the lovely town of Southwell, where the famous Lord Byron spent his holydays.

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