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Garden Matchmaking – Dating Services for Gardeners

Garden Match Making
Radion 4’s women magazine programme Woman’s hour is know for tackling issues dear to women’s heart from HRT in older women to various niches of dating for younger women. Woman’s hours seem to have been discussing dating issues especially dating that are now your usual man meet woman and they live happily ever after. Earlier this year there was a discussion about cougar dating, a term used to describe older women who prefer to date younger men. A few week ago, there was a discussion about married dating, also know as affairs dating. Today, Woman’s hour did yet another programme on dating, this time, its a very different kind of dating, one of the guest interviewed on the programme described it as Dating services for vegetables, it can also be called garden dating or gardening matchmaking services.

Garden Matchmaking is not what it appears to be. On hearing the name you probably have an image of a dating services introducing garden loving singles to one another but no, it is actually a service run by a group in Bristol which match people who has gardens but do not have time to look after it with people who would love to do some gardening but could not get an allotment nor have a garden of their own.

Garden Matchmaking is said to be working very well in Bristol where the group running the Garden Matchmaking services has been paring gardeners with garden owners. Both groups benefit, with the garden owner getting free gardening and the gardener getting to improve and get the fulfilment of having a garden to work on. The scheme is said not to be for garden owners who are very strict about what their garden must look like because the tenant gardener is given some creative freedom to do what he or she wants with the garden. The Garden Matchmaking services is said to have work very well, plans are in place to introduce it to other parts of England.

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  1. John
    May 5th, 2010 at 20:50 | #1

    i think that dating sites become so popular and have so much interesting ideas for dating that this is not matter who you are and what occupation you have.

  2. Chicago Matchmakers
    December 8th, 2011 at 09:02 | #2

    This is an interesting idea to make people close while working in gardens so that they can spend time in garden and with your loved ones.

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