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Horse Riding – Choosing a riding school

April 10th, 2010

Couple learn to ride horse together

One of the suggestions relationship counsellors tends to make to couples who are growing apart in their relationship is to do something they would both enjoy together. Relationship counsellors tends to suggest things like dancing, yoga and other new hobbies. One of the things that is not often suggested which couples that are growing apart could benefit from is learning to ride a horse.

Horse riding is one of the most exciting recreational sports you can think of, especially if you live in or near a rural area. Though couples who are growing apart from the complacency that tends to arise in a long term relationship would benefit from learning to ride together, couples who has just found love together (preferably via our site Horse Lovers Dating) should consider learning to ride horse together as well, it could help get the new relationship to a very Strong start from spending time together learning a new exciting pastime such as horse ridding.

This article will explore learning to ride a horse step-by-step beginning from the very first thing you need to do once you have both decided to take horse riding lessons together; choosing a ridding school.

You can find the nearest ridding school by doing a quick search on the Internet, you can also look in your local newspaper for the ridding school nearest to you. Haven identified the nearest ridding school, you need to find our if they offer lessons to complete beginners, availability of ridding instructors and prices. Usually when you book several lessons in advance you may get a discount. Group booking also tends to be cheaper than one to one tuition but you get much more out of one to one tuition than group lessons. The next article in this series will look into how to prepare for your first ridding lesson.

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