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Living in the Countryside cost more than living in urban area

November 23rd, 2010

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Living in the Countryside cost you up to 20% more than living in an Urban area according to a report released recently. The report said for people living in rural area to reach an acceptable standard of living, they need to earn at least £18,600 compared with urban dwellers who only need £14,400.

The report which was compiled by Commission for Rural Communities said people living in a remote village needs to earn 50% above the minimum wage of £5.93 to reach an acceptable living standards. The report said fuel and transport are the main reason for the significant increase in the cost of living in a village.

The index compiled for the report was based on the items people think they need for their household to function properly. Donald Hush commenting on the index said “fuel and transport are the main reason behind this cost, living in a remote rural village you need your own transport to get bye while in urban area there is a public transport system”.

The report also mention the fact that low pay is much more common in the rural area, may rural workers pay fall well short or what they need to keep their household essentials supplied.

The figures the report identified for a single people living in various part of the country follows:

A single person living in a rural town needs £15,600
A single person living in a village needs £17,900
A single person living in a hamlet in remote countryside £18,600

Many rural dweller said higher fuel bill and cars contribute significantly to their household bill. Home in rural areas tends to have poor insulation.

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Top Rural and Countryside Blogs

April 30th, 2010

We are in the age of new media, rural and countryside dwellers have been using the new media just as much as the townies (Broadband availability permitting). There are quite a few fantastic rural blogs out there that give you information about countryside in general or a particular aspect of the countryside from buying, selling a horse, generating revenue for your small holding to rural lifestyles. We bring you some of the leading rural blogs out there, we hope you find them informative.

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  • DEFRA Blog –  department for environment food and rural affairs needs no introduction if you are a farmer or lives in a rural area. Their blog can be informative, though when this was being written they were talking about the General Election.

Horse Related Blogs

Badminton Horse Trials – Sponsored by Mitsubishi Motors, Badminton horse trials in Gloucestershire is one of the most important horse trials on horse lovers calendar. This blog gives you the low down on this annual event, who is hot in what event and so on. Visit this blog to get the low down including information you may not necessarily find on the official Badminton horse trials homepage.

Other Countryside/Rural Blogs

Field Day – A nice humorous blog about countryside issues ranging from food and drink to wildlife conservation.

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