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Summer Tips for a Happier Horse

October 2nd, 2016

Happy Horse

In this article I will share some great tips to help you achieve a healthy, happy horse. Your horse’s happiness is very important, because if he is not happy, he will not wish to perform.

1. Watch his Weight

It is very important to prevent your horse from gaining excess weight, as it can cause joint and organ strain, as well as put him at a higher risk of laminitis.

2. Apply Sun cream

If your horse has a white face, he may be at risk of sunburn. Using a product specially designed for horses, or a children’s high factor sunscreen could prevent him from getting sunburnt.

3. Ride at a Cooler time of day

Riding in the early morning, or late evening makes the ride more pleasant for both of you, as it will be cooler and more comfortable.

4. Poo-pick on a daily basis

Poo picking every day ensures that less flies are attracted, and so your horse will be more comfortable.

5. Hydration

During the hotteswt months of summer, you need to ensure your horse remainshydrated. Adding salt to his feed will replace salts lost in sweat, and encourage him to drink more. Ensure his water is well-topped up, and soak his hay, as this increases the amount of water he takes in.

6. Wash after Exercise

Exercise in hot weather meansthat your horse is likely to be sweated up when you return to the yard. Washing him down will cool him off, as well as removing sweat, which lessens flies’attraction to him.

7. Moisturise his feet

The heat of summer can dry his hooves out, but this can be easily alleviated. Standing him in a puddle for a while every day, or using a hoof moisturiser such as NAF Hoof Moist helps avoid cracking and hoof strain.

8. Stay Safe

Even in the bright light of summer, it is important that you wear your hi-vis kit. Hi-vis is very important, because you can be seen up to 3 seconds earlier – and in a life and death situation, three seconds could save your life. Also, some insurance policies will not pay out if you do not wear hi-vis.

9. Keep tack cool

It is important to keep tack cool and out of sunlight, as the heat of the sun can dry and crack leather, which, of course, can wreck your saddle.

10. Fit a Grazing Muzzle

If you have a horse or pony who is very prone to obesity, fit a grazing muzzle instead of keeping him stabled all day, as this allows him to graze and roam with the other horses, while ensuring he does not get too fat.

11. Mask ’em off

Fit a fly mask on your horse on hot days. Fly masks are annoying to some horses, but flies are even more annoying! A mask will also help prevent eye infections, as flies picking away at your horse’s eyes can transmit serious infections.

I hope these tips have helped you, if you have anything to add, please comment below! Remember to think sensibly about your horses safety and happiness this summer, and you should have a great season!

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