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Spotty the Dalmatian Foal – Dotted Dartmoor pony spotted in Devon

April 13th, 2010

Spotty the Dalmatian Foal – Rare polka dotted Dartmoor pony spotted in Devon

At first glance, the ramblers that found spotty the pony probably think they found the missing dalmatian dog from the 101 dalmatian  but then spotty is way too big to be mistaken for a dog. Perhaps a young Zebra that has escaped from a zoo? that is wrong too.
Cliff-top ramblers spotted this photogenic foal at Wembury Point in Devon. Spotty’s parents were part of wild horses and ponies that grazed and lived in Dartmoor until they were moved to  Wembury Point to help keep the grass short. Nickname spotty by the rambler who spotted him but called Pongo by its owner.

Spotty or Pongo as its owner prefers to call him has an unusually colouring. His mother is a brown and his father where he is though to have got his colouring is from the stock of ancient British Spotted breed which used to be quite common.

Spotty who was born a week ago is said to be going back to  Dartmoor on Friday to join the rest of the herd. He will be back to Wembury Point when he is a little older to come back and graze.

Do you own or know of a horse or pony with similar colouring to Spotty? why not share the picture with us by commenting on this post and posting a link to your spotted horse?

The British Spotted Pony society describes the characteristics of spotted ponies as follows:
A quality pony with adequate bone and substance, hardy and active with real pony character of miniature, riding or cob type up to and including 14.2 hh.
Breed Characteristics:
All ponies must display some or all of the following:
White sclera around the eye.
Mottled skin – this part-dark, part-pink skin is usually most evident around the genitals, lips, muzzle, eyes and inside the ears.
Striped hooves.

You can find more information about spotted horses at  British Spotted Pony Society. 

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